Housing Stabilization Grants

Housing Stabilization Grants

Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development launched new Housing Stabilization Grants with $10 million from the federal CARES Act to provide COVID-19 related relief to District Housing Providers, with $1 million set aside specifically for small housing providers. The program will be available to two groups:

Housing Stabilization Grants (Group A), administered by the DC Housing Finance Agency, will include housing providers in the city’s portfolio of affordable housing projects financed by the Housing Production Trust Fund, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, or other local and federal affordable housing funds. 

Group B, administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development, will include small housing providers with 20 units or fewer in their portfolio.

Rent arrears from April 1, 2020, through November 30, 2020, will be paid by the city to housing providers in an 80:20 split with the District contributing 80% of the rent, up to $2,000 per unit per month, and the housing provider forgiving the rest. Applications will open on December 1 and close on December 11.

Group A  Group B 
Administration  HFA DHCD
Eligibility  Units in city portfolio of affordable housing projects (projects financed by HPTF, LIHTC, HOME or CDBG funds) Units owned by landlords with 20 units or fewer
Rent Limits  $2,500 a month or less No Cap
Arrears Assistance  80% of rent, up to $2,000 a month Same
Housing Provider Contribution  Housing provider forgiveness of all rent arrears dating back to April 1 Same
Restrictions  Can’t be receiving other forms of rental assistance for units seeking back rent, only for occupied units since March 2020 Same
Documentation  Basic Business License (BBL), Clean Hands Certification, 2019 taxes (federal and District) or similar documentation, 2020 rent roll showing arrears for each unit, evidence of property ownership, signed lease verifying occupancy. Same

Group A housing providers (with units in city portfolio of affordable housing projects, including those affordable housing owners with 20 or fewer units) may submit applications using the email address and document checklist at the bottom of this page. If you have questions about your applicationyou can contact the DC Housing Finance Agency by emailing hsg@www.dchfa.org or by calling 1-833-201-9989.

Group B housing providers (with ownership interests in 20 or fewer units not in the city’s portfolio of affordable housing projects) may submit applications hereIf you have questions about your applicationyou can contact the Department of Housing and Community Development by emailing SHPP.DHCD@dc.gov 

 Beginning in January, housing providers may apply on behalf of eligible tenants to the District’s Coronavirus Housing Assistance Program (CHAP). To learn more about CHAP, please visit coronavirus.dc.gov/rent 

To apply, you must send a separate email to HSG@www.dchfa.org for EACH individual property with ALL of the documents listed here.

The attached document is a sample template, do not complete and return this document. The agreement is nonnegotiable


A: Please go to coronavirus.dc.gov/rent for programs you can apply to directly as a tenant to get delinquent rent paid down.

A: Please have your resident(s) go to coronavirus.dc.gov/rent. They will need to apply for assistance directly and it can be paid directly to the housing provider.

A: If your property does not have public subsidy but you are a housing provider with 20 or fewer units in your entire portfolio, you may qualify for a Housing Stabilization Grant through the D.C. Dept. of Housing and Community Development, which you can apply for here. Other rental assistance programs are also available for residents to apply directly to at coronavirus.dc.gov/rent.

A: Please reach out to DCHA directly to speak with their HCVP Department directly. They can adjust the resident portion of the delinquent rent.

A: No.

A: No. If the DCHFA team requires additional information, we will let you know.

A: The need for each property will be assessed individually. The award will be based on need and funding availability.

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