McKinney Act Loan Program

McKinney Act Loans are short-term predevelopment “bridge” loans that can be used to finance the acquisition, pre-development, construction, or rehabilitation.

Program Guidelines

McKinney Act Loan Program funds may be used for one or the more of the following purposes in furtherance of the DCHFA’s single-family and multifamily programs:

  • Pre-development and development soft costs
  • Acquisition
  • Construction or rehabilitation
  • Down payment closing cost assistance
  • Mortgage interest rate buy down
  • Credit enhancement or loan guarantee
  • Ancillary or functionally related recreational, health, educational or social services facilities that are integral to housing occupied by very low-income persons and families
  • Equity bridge loans
  • Other forms of assistance as permitted by the Act

General Guidelines

  • Short-term bridge loan (typically 2 years)
  • No individual or related or affiliated entity shall have more than $1 million in McKinney Act Savings loan outstanding at any one time
  • Can be used in conjunction with the MMRB product
  • The interest rate is priced at the Two-Year Treasury plus 100 bps.

Program Requirements

  • The developer/sponsor must set aside units for households with incomes at or below 50% of the AMI adjusted by family size.
  • A 10 year restricted use covenant, which runs concurrently with the bond and LIHTC affordability covenants, will be placed on the property.

Apply for the McKinney Act Loan Program

If you’d like to apply for the McKinney Act Loan Program, please review the program guidelines and fill out the application.

Application McKinney Program Guidelines
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