For Participating Lenders Only

For Participating Lenders Only

For Participating Lenders Only

This section of our website is just for our participating lenders. Below are links to documents you need to guide prospective borrowers through the application process. Should you have any questions about Program Documents, loan product specifics, etc., please contact us directly at 202-777-1640 or

DC Open Doors 2018 Lender Training Dates

DC Open Doors Product Highlights

DC Open Doors Down Payment Assistance Loan (DPAL) Product Highlights

Participating Lender Approval
Participating Mortgage Lender Single Family Program Agreement
Template Incumbency Certificate
Template Participating Lender Resolution
DCHFA Participating Lender Contact Sheet

Participating Lender Training
DC Open Doors/DCHFA Presentation (January 2018)
DCHFA Lender MCC Training Presentation  (June 2017)

DCHFA Closed Loan Delivery Funding
FNMA 97% HFA Preferred
FHLMC 97% HFA Advantage
DCHFA Preferred Product Overview
Participating Lender Manual (January 2017)

DC Open Doors Program Documents

DC Open Doors Down Payment Assistance Loan Disclosure

DCHFA MCC Option Form for DC Open Doors
DC Open Doors Income Affidavit Template
Initial/Final Review Checklist – for submission to DCHFA
Post-Closing File Review Checklist – for submission to eHousingPlus
DPAL Funding Request – for submission to DCHFA

US Bank Down Payment Assistance Funding Verification Form - for submission to US Bank

Sample DPAL Commitment to Participating Lender
Sample DPAL Commitment to Borrower
DPAL Subordinate Deed of Trust Note
DPAL Deed of Trust
Borrower Closing Recertification - for submission to eHousing in Post-Closing File

MCC Program Documents
DCHFA MCC File Review Checklist
DCHFA MCC Applicant Disclosure
DCHFA Notice to Borrower of Potential Recapture Tax
DCHFA MCC Program Disclaimer
DCHFA MCC Applicant Closing Affidavit
DCHFA Seller Affidavit
DCHFA MCC Post-Closing Checklist
DCHFA MCC Program Guide
MCC Notice of Compliance

MCC Lender Calculator


Pre-Closing File Submissions go to:
Effective December 1, 2015, all files must be submitted electronically via our secure FTP Portal,, using your company's unique ID to login. Please contact your administrator if you do not have this information.  Printed document files will no longer be accepted. 

DCHFA Loan & MCC Reservations: EHousingPlus

DCHFA Loan Servicer: US Bank

 HPAP Lender Checklist