Question and Answers

Question and Answers

The District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency (the “Agency” or “DCHFA”) requests proposals from qualified companies to provide parking valet and management services to be performed at the parking facility located at the Agency’s headquarters located at 815 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001 (“Headquarters”). The information and instructions set forth below are designed to solicit responses that will demonstrate your company’s capability to satisfy the Agency’s requirements. Each company is requested to submit its most competitive offer.

The deadline for submission of proposals is Monday, July 31, 2017 at 4:00pm. Five copies of the Proposals must be received at 815 Florida Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001 on or before the deadline.


You may submit questions to the Agency about this RFP in writing or by e-mail no later than noon Monday, July 24, 2017. All questions shall be sent to Fran Makle at No oral or telephonic proposals or modifications of proposals will be considered.


  1. We can joint venture with a company that does fall into a category (Disabled small veteran owned business). They are licensed in Virginia. Do the evaluation points still apply to this?
    DC Department of Small & Local Business Development Business may be certified in any of the following categories; however only a maximum of 12 points will be awarded: (a) Local Business Enterprise (LBE); (b)Small Business Enterprise (SBE); (c) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE); (d) Resident Owned Business (ROB); (e) Development Zone Enterprise (DZE); (f) Longtime Resident Business (LRB); (g) Veteran Owned Business (VOB); (h) Local Manufacturing Business Enterprise (LME).
  2. Could you please let me know the place where we will meet for the walkthrough and if we need any special items for this walkthrough.
    The walkthrough will be held at the Agency’s property at 815 Florida Avenue. There are two public entrances one on Florida Avenue and the second one at the rear of the building off V street. There is a gate with a buzzer entrance. Once you pull up to the gate you will be let in to the entrance to parking garage by the receptionist.
  3. Term of Contract; it does not mention how long term of the contracts is in here; The term of the contract will be for 1 year with options for renewal years
  4. Maintenance of snow removable anything of maintenance related; Concrete sprawling anything of that natural;The agency has a vendor who provides snow removal and snow removal will be coordinated with the agency point of contact when necessary based on the agencies agreement with the service provider.   Trash shall be removed from the parking garage at the end of each shift.  
  5. Programing to leave doors open because having multiple opening and closing can damage;Can it be program to leave it open because you staff right at the door;
    Awarded vendor will be giving directions on how to operate security gate and how to lock in open position.
  6. You mention two (2) permanent cars on sight and shuttle bus; Confirmed Always there so we can deduct from the number of available spaces. The agency has 4 company vehicles that will remain in the parking garage; (1) DCHFA bus located on 2nd level, (2) DCHFA Van located in loading dock space, and (3) two DCHFA sedans, to be parked on employee basement level.
  7. What kind of equipment you have out there; (equipment regarding too:  entry into the gate); The gate is a metal gate with secured entry via access card.  Motion sensor on the inside of gate, access card not required to exit.
  8. As well as capacity and construction report, if there any string on what we can do as far spacing up there and if there double parking or maximum amount of cars that we can put up there;Vendors are not allowed to double park on the ramp due to weight capacity. 
  9.  Are we allowed to do double parking upstairs and downstairs parking lot?
    Vendors are not allowed to double park on the ramp due to weight capacity.