Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers


The District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency (the “Agency” or “DCHFA”) requests proposals for the procurement of Information Technology Consulting, Equipment, Technical Support and Management Services (“IT Goods and Services”) for the Agency’s Headquarters, located at 815 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001. The information and instructions set forth below are designed to solicit responses that will demonstrate your company’s capability to satisfy the Agency’s requirements. Each company is requested to submit its most competitive offer.

The deadline for submission of proposals is Friday, September 29, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. (ET). Five (5) copies of the proposal must be received at 815 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001 on or before the deadline.

PRE-BID MEETING: Companies planning to submit proposals should attend a pre-bid meeting on September 12, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. (ET). The Pre-Bid Meeting will be held at 815 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001.


Companies may submit questions related to this RFP in writing or by e-mail no later than noon on Monday, September 18, 2017 (ET). All questions shall be sent to Keami Estep, Procurement Manager at No oral proposals or oral modifications of proposals will be considered.


  1. What is the estimated total budget for this contract?
    This is an IDIQ contract with task orders issued for specific statement of works/projects. The budget will be determined at the task order/project level.
  2. How many references are required for the submission of proposal?
    Bidders should provide a minimum of three (3) references.
  3. Is there any possibility mandatory to attend the Pre-bid meeting? If yes, then is there any Web-ex option to attend the meeting?
    There will be no WebEx option for the Pre-Bid Conference.
  4. Is there any incumbent providing the same services or do you have an in-house team? If there is an existing incumbent, then please share the name of the incumbent along with the budget that was consumed under the contract.
    The incumbent vendor is only providing a portion of the services requested in the RFP. The budget for that contract is not applicable to this RFP.
  5. The make and model of the servers, routers, switches and firewalls.
    This information will be provided to awardees
  6. The number of servers, routers, switches and firewalls.
    This information will be provided to awardees
  7. The make and model of the mainframes.
    This information will be provided to awardees
  8. The number of mainframes.
    This information will be provided to awardees
  9. The number of workstations / desktops / laptops.
    Our stations number < 100
  10. The number and names of the operating systems to be serviced.
    Microsoft Windows
  11. As stated in RFP Page No#15 there is a Pre-Bid meeting which was held on Sep 12. We could not attend the Pre proposal conference. Are we still eligible to bid?
  12. What is the likely date of award? Do you require the same personnel we present along with the proposal to be available at the time of award of the task order?
    The award date of task orders will vary based upon the service area. However, we are looking to award the IDIQ contract soon after the close of the RFP and selection process
  13. Can you please let us know the total number of estimated work hours for each Labor Categories listed in Service Areas?
    The estimated number of work hours will vary depending on the project and task orders issued under the IDIQ.
  14. What is the level of expertise is required for key personnel and consultants to perform the job role?
    There is no specific level of expertise required. However, proposed candidates should have the relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities to the perform the services requested in the Task Orders.
  15. We are a Houston, TX based company with offices in VA and MD. Is it mandatory to submit the certificate of good standing along with the proposal or can we present this at the time of award?
    Certificate of good standing is mandatory with the submission of a proposal.
  16. How many resumes do we need to submit for each service category?
    Bidders should submit at least one resume for each labor category proposed.
  17. References: Do we need to submit references of Key personnel or Organization or both?
    Both if applicable
  18. Page 9, Section J states that we need to provide pricing as per “Attachment 1 – Pricing Schedule”. Could you please provide the template?
    Please see updated RFP document attached.
  19. Enterprise Service Provider :

    What is the scope of DCHFA LAN/WAN Network, how many and what network devices are part of the management and support scope?
    Are any of the network devices are backed by Vendor technical and hardware support?
    This information will be provided to awardees
  20. Web Based System

    What are the current total number of websites, web portals and web applications that DCHFA has?
    Any contractor should prepare for 10+ in total.

    Is there any COTS solution in place to monitor the performance of the website, applications?
    This information will be provided to awardees

    Is there a roadmap/strategy in place to migrate any or all of the websites, applications to a cloud infrastructure? If yes what is the timeframe?
    This information will be provided to awardees
  21. IT Equipment and Helpdesk Services

    Does DCHFA need IT Helpdesk service to be provided from its location or can the Vendor provide the service from its offsite location?
    Helpdesk support should be provided on site at DCHFA.

    What are the total number of assets and users that are required to be managed by helpdesk?
    Total number of assets/users is unknown at this time. As the agency expands its services, additional IT helpdesk support may be required for internal and external users.

    Is there any monitoring/ticketing/ asset management system currently in place?