FOIA Requests

FOIA Requests

General Information

Anyone may submit a FOIA request. A FOIA request may be submitted orally or in writing and may be mailed, faxed or emailed. Oral requests may be honored, but the District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency (Agency) has the right to request that it be submitted in writing. When submitting your request, please mark the outside of the envelope or the subject line of the fax or email: "Freedom of Information Act Request" or "FOIA Request." Please include a daytime telephone number, email address or mailing address in your request letter so that the FOIA Officer may contact you if necessary.

Describe the record(s) you are seeking as clearly and precisely as possible. In your description, please be as specific as possible with regard to names, dates, places, events, subjects, and other pertinent details that will help the Agency to identify the records. The more specific you are about the records you are seeking, the more likely the Agency will be able to locate those records. If your request is vague or too broad, we may ask you to be more specific, and this may delay the processing of your request.

Contact Information

FOIA Officer
District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency
815 Florida Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

Fax: 202-986-6725
Phone: 202-777-1600 (please ask to speak with the FOIA Officer)